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Green Groceries

Buy your groceries organic or #plasticfree.

Blueboots Farm

organic farm located at the foot of Mount Salak in Cijeruk, Bogor

What they say…

“Founded in 2015, Blueboots Farm is an organic farm located at the foot of Mount Salak in Cijeruk, Bogor. The fertile volcanic soil and pristine water source enable us to farm the best organic produces in the country. Our goal is simple: to supply wholesome, locally sourced, and sustainable food products. There are 2 ways to get our products: Visit us during our pop-up at events for more seasonal varieties shop online.

“Our fresh produce is grown organically; fertilized by our own homemade compost and plotted rotationally. Once harvested these fresh crop are cleaned and packed at our nearby processing facility. Some of the fix crops such as peanuts and kelor are then processed into (insert Blueboots peanut butter) and (insert kelor powder), whereas the rest of the seasonal crops are either sold as it is or turned in ready-to-eat products like our (insert kimchi daikon radish).

Follow us on IG: @bluebootsfarm

Farm Address: Cipelang, Cijeruk, Bogor, West Java


Casa Grata

Tasty, healthy, organic and homemade plant based and gluten free snacks, crackers and vegan milk (almond) with plastic-free packaging.

Tokopedia website
Follow us on IG:

Contact No: 081289849957


Club Sehat

A natural health food store serving health-conscious consumers around Indonesia, supplying wide range of highest quality products from finest brands in the industry, such as dried fruits, beans, pulses, condiments, tea, healthy drinks, cereals, spices etc.

Please note Club Sehat still uses some plastic packaging.

Follow us on IG: @clubsehatstore

Address: Jl. Muara Karang Raya No. 64, Jakarta Utara.
Contact No: (021) 6629440, (021) 6678894


Javara Indigenous Indonesia

Online grocery service - coffee, tea, oil seasoning, snacks, nuts, jams, spreads, honeys, grains, beans, spice, herbs

What Javara says ...

“Inspired by indigenous farmers and food artisans striving to preserve Indonesia’s food biodiversity, indigenous wisdom and spiritualism. We only deal with natural & organic ingredients (no chemical fertilizer or pesticides).

Javara works across agricultural value chains from production to distribution in order to preserve Indonesia’s biodiversity and bring community-based, organic products to broader markets. To date, Javara has created over 600 artisanal products and works with over 50,000 smallholder farmers across Indonesia.

The company intervenes along the supply chains to strengthen supplier’s production capacity, improve workplace safety and market products nationally and internationally, securing premium prices for the farmers and processors. Javara currently holds a portfolio of over 250 organic products that are certified under the EU, US, NOP and JAS standards. "

Please note Javara still uses some plastic packaging.

Website: Javara Indigenous Indonesia
Follow us on IG: @javaraindonesia

Address: Graha BS Lantai 1, Jalan Kemang Utara A No. 3, Bangka, Mampang Prapatan, Kota Jakarta Selatan.
Contact No: 08119995383; 0217183550


Green Initiative Foundation

Organic vegetable delivery service from Sarongge village

What Green Initiative Foundation says ...

"We’re working with the Sarongge community to produce and deliver organic veg baskets to homes throughout Jakarta every Wednesday. Choose a size of box to suit you and your family and every week you’ll get a selection of delicious vegetables delivered to your home or office.

By cutting out the middle men, we’re able to give the farmers a great, reliable source of income, whilst still providing fresh (as in, harvested yesterday!) veg to our consumers at a great price. What’s even better is that the profits we make go straight back to GIF, helping us to continue and expand our community-based environmental protection projects."

Follow us on IG: @gif_ngo

Address: Jl. Utan Kayu Raya No.68D, Matraman, Kota Jakarta Timur.
Contact No: 02182561422


Toko Organik klub

Organic plant-based produce; cooking classes,

Organik Klub is Jakarta Pioneer 1Stop ORGANIC SHOP: we sell all kind organic produce :cooking class, appliances, Plantbased Restaurant & Delivery Sevices.

Follow us on Facebook: @organiklub
Follow us on IG: @organuklub

Address: Tebet Barat Raya 49 C, Organik Klub, Jakarta
Contact No: 081319773192, 08119882267, 021-8296167



Plastic free online organic, fresh produce direct from farms, vegetables, fruits, eggs, reusable straws

What Greenvalleys says ...

“Helping you to find the greener goods in Jakarta. We use no plastic packaging on organic goods. Greenvalleys has been operating over 6 years in Indonesia with healthy farm goods , originally with the first concept of direct from farm goods. We have over 70 farms now growing produce for us all over Indonesia. We use recycled paper bags. Check out our webshop, phone app or direct contact over whats app.”

“We have just added to our stock, stainless steel straws all in a carry case complete with cleaner brush. We also have in stock air purifiers by xiaomi- filtering the nasty out of the air you breath at home”

Website: Greenvalleys
Address: RT.7/RW.8, Kemanggisan, Palmerah, West Jakarta City, Jakarta.
Contact No: 081315015157, 081317736922
E-mail address:


Mandira’s Garden

An urban organic garden and cafe in Kemang Timur

Follow us on IG: @mandirasgarden

Address: Jl. Kemang Timur No.55, Bangka, Mampang Prapatan, Kota Jakarta Selatan.
Contact No: +62 818 0203 7555, +62 21 22715335
Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday, 8am – 5pm


Michelle Organic Corner

Online shop for organic fresh produce, activated charcoal products, cosmetics and bodycare, in-store dining

What Michelle Organic Corner says ...

“In Michelle Organic Corner, we source our products from local producers around Indonesia. We seek out only the finest, natural, organic products available in our communities.It is our commitment to support our local communities and create a sustainable green economy without degrading our environment by reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities. For our customers, we would like to express our thank you for your trust in us, to provide a healthy, eco-friendly, and organic products for yourself, family, and friends. We are looking forward to see you again soon at our store!”

Follow us on IG: @michelleorganiccorner

Address: Jl. H. Agus Salim No.74, Gondangdia, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat.
Contact No: 021-3143319
WhatsApp: 0812 8831 2229


Naked Inc

The products in the store are all displayed in bulk in glass containers for customers to ‘scoop-and-weigh’ themselves. Customers are encouraged to bring their own containers, such as reusable jars, to shop the amount they need.

Open 8am - 8pm

- cereals, seeds, spices, herbs, salt, sugars, pasta, drinks

Also sells household cleaning ingredients, reusable straws and beeswax wraps

Address: Jl. Kemang Timur No.998, RT.1/RW.3, Bangka, Kec. Mampang Prpt., Jakarta Selatan


Nourish Indonesia

Nourish Indonesia is a distributor and retailer of organic produce, offering more than 420 varieties of local and imported organic groceries. Since its establishment, Nourish Indonesia has been a trusted source of delicious and healthy food grown without chemical fertilizer and pesticides.

Follow us on IG: @nourish_indonesia

Address: Jl. Batu Ampar 1 No.46, Batu Ampar, Kramatjati, Kota Jakarta Timur, Jakarta.
Contact No: 0856-9338-2448
E-mail address:


Organik Id

One-stop shopping destination for your Organic, Green & Healthy lifestyle. Providing Indonesian nature's best products from 500+ local farmers and artisans. Food products include organic rice, honey, organic teas, green coffee, cooking oil, and much more.

Follow us on IG:

Address: l. Kemang I No.11, Bangka, Mampang Prapatan, Kota Jakarta Selatan
Contact No: 08111542369


Rosy’s Veggies

Fruits, veggies, herbs and spices grown in an organic farm at the foothills of Mt Gede in Sukabumi. The produce is packaged and delivered in recycled paper.

Follow us on IG: @rosysveggies

Address: Jl. Dahlia no. 1, Bintaro, Jakarta Selatan
Contact No: +6281808131048
E-mail address:


Saruga Pack free store

Saruga pack free store is the 1st zero waste store in South Jakarta that allows for bulk food purchase without any packaging. So bring your own containers and refill them with groeries, body care products etc.!

Follow us on IG: @sarugapackfreestore

Address: Address: Jalan Taman Bintaro #1, Sektor 1, Bintaro, Pesanggrahan, South Jakarta.
Contact No: 0859-4647-2520



Online organic and hydroponic grocery (veg box) delivery service, minimal plastic packaging

Sayurbox says....

"We want people to be getting good quality pesticide-free vegetables through farm-to-table concept. We want you to know exactly who is growing your food by having the farmers profile on each item and farmers page. You’re welcome to visit the farms and see the love they put into growing your food. Slowly but sure, by cutting the complex supply chain and food system, we hope to improve the welfare of farmers by giving them the returns they deserve for their hard work."

Our Going Green in Jakarta community members say...

"When you order online, make sure you state in the comments box that you don't want plastic packaging. They should use paper instead, although this is not 100% reliable"

Follow us on IG: @sayurbox

Address: WeWork Revenue Tower Scbd, Jl. Jend. Sudirman, Senayan, Kby. Baru, Kota Jakarta Selatan.
Contact No: 0819-1954-5454


Tema Tea Indonesia

TEMA Tea's goal is to be as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. They use reusable packaging, and are finding ways to be free from any plastic usage by working with exciting partners to develop innovative products.

Follow us on IG: @tema_id

Contact No: +62 812-9111-1158



TWG Tea, the finest luxury tea brand in the world, gives you the option to buy your favourite tea in plastic free packaging and is available at multiple stores across Jakarta.

Address: Plaza Senayan , Lantai 1, Jl. Asia Afrika, Senayan, Jakarta.
Contact No: 021 5725276


YUM Organic Farm

Organic farming for future

What YUM Organic Farm says ...

“Situated in the fertile mountains of the Cipanas region, the YUM Organic Farm is a sustainability and education project of Yayasan Usaha Mulia (YUM), The Foundation for Noble Work. Yayasan Usaha Mulia (YUM) is a non-profit organization that has been empowering the lives of Indonesians through health, education and community development for more than 40 years. We aim to produce healthy organic food using ecological practices that minimize impact on the environment and support caring for our world.

We endeavor to provide access for people to fresh, healthy and eco – friendly produce and improve the health and well being of the community.

Address: Jl. RS Fatmawati No. 52, Wisma Subud No 20, Cilandak Barat, Cilandak, Kota Jakarta Selatan.
Organic Farm: Jl. Mariwati, Kp. Sindang Layung Rt. 06/02, Desa Cibadak Kecamatan Sukaresmi, Cipanas, Jawa Timur.
Cipanas Contact No: 0263 - 514 805
Jakarta Contact No: 021 - 7698505


Ziato Gelato

One of the unique places in Jakarta where you can refill your Gelato in glass jars, it is a welcoming refuge in South Kemang, both classic and offbeat flavours like Ubi Cilembu are on offer in Ziato Gelato to counter the city's constant heat.

Website info
Follow us on IG: @ziatogelato

Address: Jalan Kemang Selatan I No.38, Bangka, Mampang Prapatan, Kota Jakarta Selatan.
Contact No: (021) 22717456