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Green Leisure

Places and activities that bring you closer to nature


Organic Learning Farm in Bogor

"5EyesFarm is an organic farm set between the trees in Bogor. We specialise in environmental education and community development projects.

We offer field trips, tours and unique learning experiences in nature. Sustainable practice and healthy food are hall marks of the many things on offer here. We welcome schools and groups interested in environmental solutions and hands on learning. "


WA: +61 4011 77048


Allianz Ecopark - Ancol

"Allianz Ecopark has a land area of ​​nearly 34 hectares as a result of transforming the Ancol Golf Course into a recreational facility that offers values ​​of edutainment and adventure with a green lifestyle approach, becoming an open space for visitors to Ancol Taman Impian to explore botanical knowledge and outdoor recreation.

" Allianz Ecopark is divided into several zones with different functions and facilities. In addition to Eco Care, Eco Nature, and Eco Art, Allianz Ecopark will also present the Eco Energy zone. In this whole zone, various types of coastal plants according to their uses for the environment have been planted, as well as to make Ecopark a green and shaded area, as well as a complete botanical learning place that is fun." See also Fauna Land located nearby.

Visit Website Taman Impian Jaya Ancol Jl. Lodan Timur No. 7 RW.10, RW.10, Ancol, Kec. Pademangan, Jakarta Utara


Car Free Day

Every Sunday from 6 to 11 a.m., Jalan Sudirman and Jalan Thamrin are closed to all private cars. Thousands flock to the big boulevard to walk, run, cycle and skate or simply to stroll leisurely, enjoying the street food, circus-like displays and occasional public events.

Originally started as a government initiative to help reduce pollution, car free day on Sudirman and Thamrin has become a well-loved Jakarta tradition, an opportunity for city folk to get up early and get active in the company of many, many like minds and bodies.

For a few hours, once a week, you get to truly enjoy being outdoors in Jakarta.

Website (Bahasa Indonesia):


Cibodas Botanical Gardens

Kebun Raya Cibodas

Cibodas Botanical Gardens (Kebun Raya Cibodas) is a 85 hectares botanical garden on the slopes of Mount Gede, located in the Cibodas subdistrict near Bogor. It is operated by the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI). The garden was founded in 1852 by the Dutch botanist Johannes Elias Teijsmann as a branch of the Bogor Botanical Gardens, and its layout was completed under Rudolph Scheffer in later years.

The garden is approximately 1,300–1,425 metres (4,265–4,675 ft) above mean sea level, with an average temperature across the year of 20.06 °C, and an average humidity of 80%.

Address: Jl. Kebun Raya Cibodas, Cimacan, Kec. Cipanas, Kabupaten Cianjur


Go Wild Indonesia

Nature Lovers Club

GoWild! Indonesia is a non-profit group of volunteers that organises guided trips to places of floral and faunal interest in Indonesia. National parks, forests, conservation sites, and other areas of outstanding natural beauty or species interest are included. Our trips involve gentle strolls, rather than strenuous hikes, and sometimes just sitting in a boat or SUV and watching. They are suitable for all age ranges and families.

We complete 10-12 trips a year ranging from an half day to 10 days duration. We raise an annual trip list in early January then send out each trip itinerary about 4 weeks beforehand.

All attendees and participants in GoWild! events take part entirely at their own risk and this is implicitly understood on an ongoing basis.




Treks, walks, trail runs, expeditions
trusted expedition and outdoor leader specialists

Escape the city. Find freedom on foot, just 90 minutes drive from Jakarta. Explore umpteen trails in the Sentul highlands with our community trail guides. Come on a Family Walk, Half Day Trail, Full Day Trail, Trail Run or Private Camp.

With every visit, you contribute to local communities and conservation. Our expeditions in Indonesia help local communities make a living from ecotourism and contribute to conserving a biodiversity that is among the world’s richest.

Website: idGuides


Portibi Farm

a working organic farm, a retreat, a place to dream, and create-beautiful things, fantastic flavors.

What they say…

“On an old clove plantation, just South of Jakarta, we are trying to turn back the tide of deforestation, urban overmigration, and general bad taste that have been pulling down this potentially fantastic country we call Indonesia.

We want to be the Lorax with a bit of market savvy, a place for you to escape, eat well, get your hands in the water and earth we live from. Feel nature, get in it, work with those who have been making your food all these years, thank them, and see the thanks returned that evening, the produce of your labors laid upon the table for all to savor. Or just hang out and enjoy nature, fresh air alone can be a revelation, come try some.

We have a variety of accommodations available for you to choose from, ranging from cuek luxury* teak bungalows, to rice barns with bunk beds that sleep up to four, to traditional campsites, for those who love tents. "

Portibi Farm

See the full range of activities here:

Website: Portibi Farms


The Pinewood Lodge & Organic Farm

Here the weather is nice, the view is totally breath-taking, and nature is close enough for you to appreciate it. The air is so clean, fresh and pure. Nothing like the big city we live in for years. Far away from those endless noise and air pollution.

You are so tired of the city being hectic all the time. You wish you could get away from all the routine activities that hooked you up every single day. You would love to have a quality time with your family. Somewhere nice and peaceful, where you can enjoy your meals in between lovely weather, fantastic view, with your kids running around and having fun with their friends.. A total heart warming experience. A perfect holiday or even a weekend getaway.

Based on these similar concepts, The Pinewood Lodge and Organic Farm were established at 2005. Located at the heart of Cisarua – Puncak, it was a dreamy place with European style. With its natural concept, lots of trees, plus a treehouse, an exciting holiday will be at warranty.

Website: The Pinewood Lodge & Organic Farm


The Bogor Botanic Gardens

Indonesia's first and foremost botanic garden, is 87 hectares of beautifully kept trees, plants flowers, lawns and ponds within a busy expanding city of 1 million people. It is also a world famous institution for research and conservation that has developed over many years and is continuing to do so. The Garden also provides healthy air from its 12,300 plant specimens representing over 3170 species


Website: The Bogor Botanic Gardens


Inagro Agro Village

Nature Tourism in Bogor

"Inagro is a 76-hectare garden for integrated agricultural education and horticulture and fisheries production centers. Application of the latest innovations and cultivation technologies in the fields of agriculture, fisheries, animal husbandry not only to be applied in Inagro but also to be disseminated to the public, especially farmers, young people, students and interested people in agriculture in a broad sense, including agricultural policy makers, farmer assistants, and regional head. Inagro has training center facilities including lodging, camping ground, classrooms and seminars, restaurants, and sports facilities.

Address: Jalan Raya Jampang KM. 7, Karihkil, Ciseeng, Cibeuteung Udik, Ciseeng, Bogor


Java Lava

"Java Lava is simply an informal group of like-minded enthusiasts who enjoy climbing mountains in their spare time. Java Lava stands for the idea of bringing people together who enjoy nature, mountains and adventure.

"Java Lava trips are of varying degrees of difficulty and duration – from one-day family walks to extended treks of 10-12 days. Most trips are mountain climbs of 3-4 days often camping on a mountain for one or two nights. "

"Since its beginning, participation has been no more than a mailing list. Everybody who wishes to join is welcome. All participants, including the trip leader, pay their own way at cost for each trip."



Pulau Macan Eco Village and Resort

Life on our two tiny paradise islands is simple and good :~) One wouldn’t guess that only two short hours by speedboat from the urban metropolis that is Jakarta, you’d find such a gorgeous and pristine place. Pulau Macan is a true gem - it was that way before we came to steward it, and we have done our best to keep it that way.

Our vision is to make you feel at home within our beautiful environment while introducing you to some of the solutions we’ve applied to make our world a better place. Natural building, intelligent energy, water conservation, waste management, coral conservation, community development, and healthful food and beverages are all part of our intended (and sometimes realized) life here.

What makes it eco friendly?

- mainly vegetarian; organic where possible

  • energy efficiency and solar panels
  • carbon offset
  • saving water - cold showers!
  • eco toilet and rain water catchment.


IG: pulaumacan


Vila Botani

Accommodation, hiking, biking, environmental education, yoga & meditation, organic farm and cuisine...

"Less than an hour from the Bogor toll exit and less than two from South Jakarta, Vila Botani is perched on the slopes of Mt Salak. It is far from the nearest kampong and borders on a vast forest.

"Far from any crowds, this is THE place to refresh your body and mind. Amid an extraordinary tranquility, lounge on your own deck in a jungle lodge, while listening to birdsong, the croaking frogs and the endless rattle of cicadas. Sit under a waterfall as a stream of chill, crystal water cascades over you. Avoid the Puncak's annoying traffic jams. During 2018 and early 2019 Vila Botani upgraded its accommodations to provide more comfort.

"At the end of a private road, our property of 5.5 ha is ideal for a leisurely stroll. Or - hike or bike in the National Park. Feel free to bring your dog. Vila Botani is pet friendly. "


Insta: Vila Botani (Tags)

Location: Northeast slopes of Mt Salak, overlooking the city of Bogor.
WA (Chat Only): 0815-84848882


Women's Cycling Community Jkt

Empowering Women Through Cycling! More than 300 female cyclists in Jakarta.

Also chapters in other Indonesian cities.

#SheRidesIndonesia #GowesKece


Insta: @wcc.jkt